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More than just a solution for pain,

our Delu Chiropractic is the key to a healthy lifestyle.



"I've been going to chiropractors for pain relief and range of motion restoration since the 70's. I have found that not just any chiropractor will do. Some do not have enough power in reserve to move difficult to adjust spines and still be sensitive enough to know how much force is the sufficient amount. Dr. Delu is expert at knowing what each individual body needs at any given moment."

Robert H

"Delu chiropractic is a winner! The office is relaxing and the doctor is low key, professional and he knows what he's doing!! After just 3 adjustments my pain is about gone! I know I will continue to see this excellent practitioner to stay pain free!"

Leeann F

"Dr. Delu is an excellent Chiropractor. His periodic adjustments of my back and neck have allowed me to be pain free and conduct activities I had given up. In addition he has adjusted my daughter after sporting activities and has conducted her sport physicals for high school sports."

Dave S

"Fantastic! Dr. Delu is truly a master of his craft. He's been my chiropractor for quite some time, and after spending 6 years out of state and trying to find someone else who can do work even half as good as what he does is nearly impossible. A few months ago I had severe neck pain to the point where I couldn't turn my head at all. One visit to Dr. Delu and he was able to find the problem and work it out. The office is very welcoming and he truly cares about his patients. He will get to know you by name and always greets you when you arrive!"

Leanna M

"Dr. Delu is an excellent Chiropractor. His work has helped me to decrease significant pain. He is also willing to work with patients on short notice and get to each patient quickly and efficiently."

Zachary L

"Dr. Delu really is the best chiropractor ever! His office staff are wonderful too, I always feel very cared for by everyone in the office. Before discovering Delu Chiropractic I was so ill from headaches, neck, back and hip pain that I could barely function."

Ashley A

"This man is truly an angel in disguise. I have had back issues for past 30 years and not gonna lie have always been a little afraid of going to chiropractor. Well 3 weeks ago, I was put to the test. I was to the point i couldn't walk, sit, or even lie down without extreme pain. Went to emergency room at Lodi Memorial and that did not help in any way. I was on flexeral and oxy and nothing was taking the pain away. I could not walk and felt honestly like dying from the pain. Dr. Delu within one week had corrected and made adjustments and in my eyes he is a miracle. Within 2 weeks the pain is unbelievably going away every day. I am able to confidently go back to work and walk normal again without pain. I cant say enough good about this man. His level of professionalism and expertise is 2nd to no one. I honestly thought id never be the same man. He's taking away all my fears and I'm a true believer. Dr.Delu, I Love and appreciate and cannot thank you enough for giving my life and happiness back. Thank you. I highly recommend Dr. Delu. He is the Best!"

Tom Z

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